The Mercer County Detention Facility is responsible for the security and safety of the inmates which are housed within the facility.  The inmates are monitored 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.  After the inmates are booked into the facility  the staff will monitor the inmates behavior.  The normal duties of the jail staff consists of such thing as dispensing medications, serving meals, monitoring inmates visits with family and friends, escorting inmates inside the facility to see attorneys, nurse and / or doctor, to recreation, and programs within the jail.  Clothing and bedding change, cell inspections, passing out commissary, preparing inmates for court, releasing inmates, and setting up transports to and from other institutions. The above functions are done with a minimum of 3 officers per shift.
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Bookings are normally done by two officers.  Most bookings take 45-60 minutes.  This includes the booking / medical questions, inventory of property, logging into the jail register, mug shot taken, prints taken, showering, issuing jail property, and placing the inmate at the intake area for observation normally for the first 8 hours prior to being placed into a housing unit.  The release process normally takes around 20 minutes.
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