All participants, including Attorneys, will need to register to become a user in each county. The software requires every user (even county admins) to fill in Title information when they register. It is part of the software and that will not change. Title information is not used for Plaintiffs/Judgment Creditors. Title Information is part of the record that is tied to winning bidders and cannot be blank. So, our suggestion is that when they register in each new county, they should fill in their law firm information in the Title section part of registration.

The Purchaser Information Form is now no longer being produced for Plaintiff’s and Judgment Creditors and is no longer available to view on the website for those winners or county admins. However, if an attorney is bidding on behalf of a 3rd party bidder, the Purchaser Form will still need to be done and the correct sub account and title information must be used for those cases.

Lastly, per Ohio Revised Code 2329.211, in every action of Judicial Sale or Execution of residential property, if the Judgment Creditor/Plaintiff is the purchaser, they shall not be required to make a deposit on the sale. However, Plaintiff/Judgment Creditors are required to submit their bidder number, the bidding style choice (pre-sale manage bid or live bid) AND a copy of the court order stating they are the Judgment Creditor on the case they are bidding to Realauction Customer Service (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) at least one (1) business day prior to the sale date.  Submission can be done via email or fax (refer to About Us page for this information). Submission must also include the bidder number and user account contact first and last name in the submission.

The user account associated with the submitted bidder number will receive an email confirmation when they have been successfully linked to the case as the Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor. If the user account associated with the submitted bidder number does NOT receive email confirmation prior to the auction clock beginning, contact Realauction Customer Service...this must be done prior to the auction clock running on the sale date to ensure the user account is properly linked to the case. It is the responsibility of the Judgment Creditor to verify they are properly linked to their cases.

If the Plaintiff/Judgment Creditor does not submit the bidding style choice AND a copy of the order stating they are the judgment creditor at least one (1) business day before the sale date, they will be required to place the deposit requirement for the case.

For any questions regarding any of the above information, they can contact our team in Customer Service assigned to speaking with Plaintiffs/Judgment Creditors at (877) 361-7325 ext. 245 or 246.

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